Common health problems in people who snore

Common health problems in people who snore


Snoring is more than just a sleep disturbance. Studies have shown that snoring at night is not caused by a lack of sleep but by insufficient air entering the airways. This time, I want to talk about why snoring while sleeping and the health problems that happen to people who snore.


Snoring is a condition where air cannot easily pass through the mouth and nose. The air is in the mouth, in the soft palate. It is a condition that occurs when there is a blockage in any part of the body, such as the nose and throat. like a vibration. This vibration produces a roaring sound.

Not only does snoring disrupt sleep , it can lead to a serious health problem called sleep apnea, and it can be a precursor to other health problems .

Is snoring common?

Snoring is a very common health problem. Men , especially men over 50, who are overweight It is common in overweight men. Women also often snore.

Who is most likely to snore?

Everyone is likely to experience snoring at one point or another. Babies, all children and adults can experience snoring. But some people are more prone to snoring than others.


Older people are more likely to snore as their muscles weaken with age.

sleeping tablets

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Medicines that relax the muscles Medicines such as sleeping pills are taken orally. It can block the flow of air through the nose and throat and cause snoring.

Gender differences

Being a man is also a factor that makes one more likely to experience snoring.

People who have a family member who snores may snore more than others.

Health problems:
Allergies Nasal congestion, such as a cold, can cause airflow obstruction in the mouth and nose.

Being pregnant

Hormonal changes during pregnancy Changes in weight may also cause snoring during pregnancy.


The main reason for experiencing irregular breathing and snoring while sleeping is being overweight. because he is overweight.

Common health problems in people who snore

Excessive snoring while sleeping is a funny thing for co-sleepers, but the truth is that this situation is not funny. Snoring is sometimes caused by obstructive sleep apnea, also known as central sleep apnea.

This condition can cause health problems. Common health problems in people who snore

High blood pressure
A stroke
With sudden cardiac arrest
Cardiovascular health problems
Acid reflux disease, called GERD,
Irregular heart rhythm
can not erect a penis.

In pregnant women, it can affect the fetus.

Can snoring shorten your life?

While there is reason to assume that snoring is not a serious health problem, it can actually be a precursor to health problems and, if left untreated, can lead to premature death in the long term.

Because of snoring during sleep, you may not get a full night’s sleep and feel tired easily during the day or have no energy. Legs fall asleep at work in the morning due to lack of sleep at night. There is a possibility of experiencing other health problems, including accidents.
How to stop snoring?


If you don’t lose sleep because of snoring,

Taking medicine to relieve nasal congestion
Do not consume alcohol or sleeping pills before going to bed.
Maintaining a healthy weight
Being active
More exercise
When sleeping, always sleep with a pillow that is a few inches higher than the head.
You will need to work on small habits such as sleeping on your side instead of lying on your back.